We believe that we offer the best value in controls and software for your building automation needs. We have heard the complaints about other control systems and offer an alternative that will surprise you with our capabilities and user-friendliness. Some of the benefits that separate our product offering from others are:

  • You can save money by integrating HVAC, lighting, door access and video surveillance into one Web-based operator interface
  • Your investment is protected because BACnet industry standards protocol is used throughout
  • Your risk is reduced because our BACnet controllers are tested by the BACnet Testing Lab (BTL)
  • Web interface is easy to integrate to your IT platform because we use thin-client applications
  • Your enterprise software can access critical financial information from the Delta system through the Historian(TM) software
  • Information can be shared without a bottleneck because controllers are peer-to-peer throughout the network
  • Programs can be read and understood by novice operators because they are in plain English
  • More information is available to operators because all program objects are accessible
  • Less cycling of equipment on startup because programs can be changed on the fly
We are proud to use the Delta Controls product line.  Our close working relationship means we benefit from co-operative involvement in the Delta Controls product development process, so we have access to the newest innovations available.  To find out more about Delta’s complete top to bottom BACnet product architecture click here.